FLIR Elevated Skin Temperature

FLIR Elevated Skin Temperature Screening Solution

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With the continuing COVID-19 pandemic and likely long lasting restrictions and impacts, business and organisations are increasingly looking to find ways to become operational. Providing staff and visitor screening and social distancing measures for the safety of customers and employees is becoming the new expectation

Bi3 is a key FLIR partner with a five year relationship and have extensive experience commercially and technically with thermography.

We have built upon our existing product portfolio in a considered approach to offer Elevated Skin Temperature (EST) screening solutions.

EST screening provides an additional layer as part of a holistic approach, a tool to assist in strategies and facilitate increasing operations whist adhering to government advice.

EST can provide indication of elevated body temperature which can be an indicator of various medical conditions and can be used to alert and highlight for further procedural investigation. 

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What Solution is right for you ?

BI3 now offer a handheld solution which can then be fed to a monitor for larger monitoring screens however, the devices itself does hold a screen for quicker set up and use. This solution can be used for easy movement of the device to different locations as and when needed.

 Here are some key facts to verify the the FLIR Technology as one of the most effective Skin temperature detection devices.

  • High accuracy levels, with on board specific EST screening technology, this results in higher detection rates and less false alerts.
  • Meets ISO/TR 13154 (2017) Medical electrical equipment – Deployment, implementation, and operational guidelines for identifying febrile humans using a screening thermograph recommendations.
  • Provides surface temperature measurement, focused on the inner canthi (corner of the eyes) which is proven to be the most effective & best practice for accurate temperature measurement, while maintaining distance.

Key Information


  • FLIR EST screening mode and dynamic baseline provides stable and accurate measurement (up to 99% within +/- 0.25 deg C).
  • Does not require additional Blackbody equipment to achieve accurate measurement.
  • Complete screening tool in the camera, ONVIF compatible/integration options.
  • Simple, rapid deployment.
  • Fixed and portable handheld models available.


BI3 Have a close working relationship with FLIR Systems, this gives us the confidence to deliver this solution, with reliability and expertise. 

  • FLIR have a proven track record and history of providing EST- SARS (2003), HN1N (2009), Ebola (2014).

This Provided confidence in the FLIR Technology. these devices are speciality products and therefore do require circumstances and porper protocols to be followed. this is something that the specialists and BI3 will be able to provide 

  • UK supplied and supported technology from US based global leader FLIR Systems. 
FLIR operate a s global leader in thermal technology, with close support from BI3 in the UK

How to effectively implement FLIR Elevated Skin Temperature Detection

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