Solutions to Support Corona Virus

CCTV Solutions to support the Corona virus
Solutions for COVID-19

Business Insight 3 (Bi3) are at the forefront of supplying electronic technology to both the security and business intelligence markets. Bi3 has supplied cutting edge solutions to many of the UK’s leading public and private organisations since 2009 and has continued to develop innovative answers to today’s business questions.

The Bi3 team have taken a look at our current product solutions and looked at ways in which they could be deployed to benefit clients during the present Coronavirus crisis. Below is an overview of some of our products and solutions along with practical and specific benefits relating to the current situation and to many applications.


Bi3 will be providing further updates with more in-depth insights into each product, however please feel free to contact Bi3 directly to speak to one of our specialists. 

COVID Solutions
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Occupancy Monitoring & People Counting

With the current Covid-19 outbreak there has been a demand for many organisations to provide their own social responsibility processes in order to keep social distancing and ensuring that they keep their staff and customers safe. In order to do this many organisations are reducing the safe capacity within their working/commercial environments and limiting the amount of people allowed in a particular area or building. 

Bi3 can offer precise people counting and occupancy monitoring equipment which can visually output information and alert when a maximum occupancy has been achieved. This can be an automated solution which removes the requirement for a manual count by staff members or external resources. Bi3 can offer a range of solutions to fit individual customer requirements. The solution can be provided by installing dedicated people/occupancy counters or by utilising existing CCTV infrastructure allowing the solution to be deployed quickly with very little disruption.

Crowd Density

Inline with government guidelines, crowd monitoring is more prevalent than ever as the nation is asked to keep a 2 meter distance from other persons and encourage social distancing. Bi3 offers video analytic solutions to monitor, detect and alert when people are crowding in external or internal areas and gathering together at an unsafe distance from each other. By automated monitoring and alerting this will help to combat the spread of the Coronavirus and help businesses retroactively maintain their social responsibility in these challenging times. 


Loitering Enlarged Image

With the current environment risks that we are all facing, Bi3 are utilising our high end video analytics technology to detect potential breaches and alert to personnel in order to limit the spread of the Coronavirus. Our technology portfolio can monitor the length of time that someone is loitering in a specific area, with customisable time thresholds, which can allow businesses and organisations to disperse individuals, encouraging social distancing and also providing an additional security layer. 



Maintaining security layers in the current climate is becoming more and more difficult. Access control systems are an excellent way of providing security to secured locations but often fall short when unauthorised personnel follow authorised personnel through these areas. Bi3 can offer Tailgate Detection which can detect, alert and even prevent unauthorised access utilising their police approved Secured by Design solution. This will enhance the security and limit the threats to staff and the vulnerability of theft. 

It is paramount that we work together to increase social distancing and in order to prevent further spread of Coronavirus and the tailgate detector can help to monitor and control compliance if requirements change and for example only one person is allowed in small or controlled areas.

Intrusion Detection and Breaches

We are seeing an increase in the amount of vacant commercial buildings and areas of vulnerability during the Coronavirus outbreak leading to a larger risk of crime. Business Insight 3 work with the world leading video analytics provider in order to increase security layers for businesses and communities. The CPNI accredited and Police approved Secured by Design products provides peace of mind for business owners that their premises are secured while their business is shut down. Our retro-fit, rapidly deployable video analytics system can work with existing CCTV systems with both a purchase and rental options for integrator and end user clients. 

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